Monday, 19 June 2017

Breeding Community Health

I sat up wearing a big smile and thinking of writing a full proposal on LEARN Liberia; with that, I quickly rush on my computer with much excitement as the thought of development rattled through my head. I envisioned building a hub of volunteers, youth and professionals to educate communities on healthcare issues and how they can rekindle community and personal health from a different prospective and dimension void of orthodox ideas. I quickly pen down issues that were in my mind on a pad to include in the proposal… as I wrote, I could fell a blush of growing excitement that flow within me. After hours of typing ideas and calculating numbers, I came to a point where knowledge needed to be reviewed not just unilaterally, but from others, so I simply asked Habib Sheriff “The Addictive” two questions with one coming from community health, while the next was fully and directly proportional to his expectation-safety. 

“Who is charged with leading the collaboration process: the local clinic or the community health educator?”
“What applies to the safety of the people in preventive health?”

With these questions asked to a specialist, his advice was on point with my proposal and additional information was place noting that I’m working on my proposal. According to him, the two must have a prosperous marry; as any divorce will lead to a progression of delinquent juvenile (their kids). He explain himself as saying, health care workers who are basically into curative medicine serves as a buffer to the Community Health Educators who should be in the front-line of preventive health. However, it is very prudent to have clinicians with knowledge in health education and preventive medicine. This is because of the resonance of our society when it comes to health issues, the multitude of people never visit a clinic except where they are challenged with ailment. At this point, it is an opportunity to educate them on preventive health and if the clinician is not educated about this, it will be a lost opportunity. However, the educators and local clinics are working hard on health issues and with respect to that, we need to prioritize educating people in the communities on preventive health and how they should implement the slogan that says “Prevention Is Better Than Cure” in their dally activities.
His second answer was simple: any measure individually applied to alienate the contraction and spread of diseases. Such measure varies from simple personal hygiene to more complex measures aimed at coordinating personal health amongst people within a population, all these however with the ultimate goal of being free from harm, attaining and maintaining good physical and psychological health, such applies to and reflect the safety of people in preventive health.
With all of these, I get the feeling that our world is getting to a point wherein we are ready to save ourselves from the global trenches of bad health sector and disease out-break in Africa and the world at large. Let me say that our world needs us- human, we have the power to create a universe of self-control and not self-disorder which in our imaging experience should be a step forward to occurrence.

Johnnason L. Dvaid, Jr.
Founder & CEO
LEARN Liberia