Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Christmas Santa Give-Way

HO HO HO !!!
We at LERN Liberia are excited that you have decided to take the challenge in answering one of our question for a Santa Clues Hat. Our Santa here needed to go across Liberia this year, so he has provided a list of long free questions to answer for you winning a free Santa Clues Hat from his Santa stocking (bag) this year. As you have noticed, it's a GIVE-ALWAY plat, wherein we at LEARN Liberia want to celebrate the Christmas with you. Below are terms & conditions attach:

1.Each person is to answer one question.
2. Each person is to answer one question with one answer.
3.Your answer should be direct.
4. Miss spell words or words won't be accepted.
5.If you have won before, you're not allow to play.
6.Only for Liberians living or residing in Liberia.

Please do click here to view the simple of the Christmas Santa Hat on Instagram  


1. LEARN Liberia founded by two young personality and they're Liberian. Please give the full name of both of them ?

2. What's the full of InsightSTEM

3. What has mouth but don't talk and has bed but don't sleep ?

4. What's the smallest born in the human body ?

5. Who is Vivien Thomas & what is he noted for in the world of medicine ?

6. Who is the president of the University of Liberia presently ?